Used MGB Doors currently available

The following are just a selection of good used original MGB doors currently available. These have come from ex warm climate vehicles and are the original skins.. see individual description. Shipping to UK address is approx £15 for one or £25 for two. Overseas shipping please enquire Tel UK 07831 288073 if you do not see what you are looking for drop me an e mail.

      Below... are some examples, since sold. Please contact me for current availability. L101 & R101 were a pair of very good Roadster doors to fit 1968> thru 1980 models they were very sound and original steel  £POA

R 112 is a sound right hand GT door for models 1968> thru 1980 this panel had the slightest start of some rust to the inner lip of the skin it folds under. As per the photos this was not dramatic and not on the outer skin. It could be easily arrested with seam sealer £POA I have very few GT doors of this era.

R111 and L111 a pair of circa 66/67 Roadster doors again in sound condition. This model has the lever interior handle and the push button exterior handle. The right side was very good sold for £POA. The left had the slight beginning of some rust to the underside inner seam that could easily be treated with seam sealer. The outer panels was very good ... this can be seen on the bottom right photo bottom right of door ... I am due another pair of this model door ready to go that are superior to these I can send photos on request price on the pair...please enquire.


GT left - Roadster Right

GT Top - Roadster Bottom

The two photos above show the difference between GT and Roadster doors. The rear of the window channel can be modified to change GT to Roadster and vice versa.


Mechanisms for all models available Good/Used

Door lock assemblies Left or Right 1962>65 (Pull handle model) £POA 1966/67 (Push button 3 syncro) £POA 1968>80 £POA

Window Regulators Left or Right 1962>65 (Pull handle model) £POA 1966/67 (Push button 3 syncro) £POA 1968>80 £POA

GT / Roadster Door Glass £POA


Tel UK 07831 288073